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Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your patience and input which was helpful to us as we plan Forestwood’s redevelopment. It’s been nine months since we last updated you and we are excited to share what we believe is a proposal that incorporates some of the most consistent themes we’ve heard from the surrounding neighborhood. We started with a blank slate and attempted to redesign our plan based on the feedback you have shared. We have eliminated the retail component of the original plan, added senior living units, eliminated "stacked flat" apartment units, maintained the townhome use, and Jesuit will still be able to acquire the land it needs for athletic fields. This updated combination of uses also results in less traffic.



You asked for “No Retail” west of Inwood and that’s exactly what you will find in our revised proposal. Some neighbors have suggested incorporating a small coffee shop or restaurant. That decision can be determined by neighborhood concensus. 



Many neighbors consistently said they would like to see single-family homes built closest to the creek. Our current plan includes building single-story, detached rental homes along the western border of the property.  In most areas we are increasing the current setback from the Forestwood property line to neighboring houses. Additionally, the current single family homes in the neighborhood will no longer face two story townhomes; they will now face single story homes on the Forestwood property.



We repeatedly heard a desire to reduce the height of the project along Inwood and Forest Lane. We listened closely and we have reconfigured the layout of the development. The revised proposal includes a total of 172 townhomes, all two and three stories with full size two car garages. Townhomes along Inwood and Forest will now be limited to only two stories. This will also enable us to preserve a large majority of the current mature trees lining the streets.

We also reduced the density of the project. The previous plan included building 23 units per acre, while the current proposal incudes 19 units per acre.  We have increased the open space in the project from approximately 8.2 acres today to 10 acres in the current plan, which includes the Jesuit practice fields (if you exclude the Jesuit practice fields and look at the same comparison it’s approximately 6.75 acres of open space today versus 6 acres on the proposed plan).



This is an established neighborhood where many families have lived for many generations.  We have repeatedly heard how beneficial it would be to incorporate a senior living component. Again, we are listening to you and agree this is the perfect location for an over-55 community. We are proposing 250 senior living units that would be separate from the townhomes.



We are fortunate to be in the middle of a very active community, where neighbors know each other and enjoy interacting. We have dedicated community park space that will be open and available for the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood.


We would appreciate your additional feedback. Please take a moment to send us an email and share your thoughts on the redesigned proposal. We still have not filed a zoning case with the city. We look forward to working closely with you as we move through the zoning process.



Submission Successful!

Thank you for contacting us!